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Trust Litigation

Trust LitigationFacing Challenges Involving A Trust, Such As Questions Of Its Validity, Or Worried About Violations Of Fiduciary Duties?

Look no further than Hudson Martin PC for answers and resolution. Hudson Martin PC is the oldest law firm on California’s Central Coast. Battle tested with the knowledge and experience to show for it, Hudson Martin PC and its team of trust and estate litigation lawyers deliver services across the trust litigation spectrum that clients just like you need.

Our successful track record goes back over a century and includes various types of litigation, ranging from contested wills to issues involving beneficiaries. We are based in Carmel, CA, and are your committed partner wholly dedicated to protecting your rights and interests while working for a fair resolution to your case, no matter where it may fall within the scope of trust litigation.

The Perfect Pick

Partnering with us means you enlist the best the Central Coast has to offer. Our trust litigation attorneys go over and beyond merely providing legal representation. They compassionately counsel and advocate for you, providing the guidance and support you need through the entire duration of your litigation that is necessary to achieve your goals.

With our deep understanding of the complexities associated with trust litigation, we answer any and all questions you may have. Our goal here is to ensure you feel comfortable with the process. It is your case, after all – not ours! As we do, we get you up to speed on the strategy we’ve developed specifically for your case.

This plan of action takes into account the many possible routes your case may take along the way, preparing for many potential outcomes. We do this to mitigate any surprises, such as fees or delays, saving you time and money. Bottom line? We do all we can to put you and your needs first.

Serving You In

Contests And Disputes

Whether due to undue influence, lack of capacity, or other reasons, we have you covered on any contests to your trust you experience that call its validity into question.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

We advocate for you as a beneficiary if a trustee fails to fulfill their fiduciary duties. No matter whether there are allegations of mismanagement, self-dealing, or conflicts of interest, we step in and get to the bottom of everything.


Our living trust litigation attorneys interpret your wills and trusts when parts of it are unclear or otherwise called into question, resolving ambiguities and ensuring the original intention is honored.


Disagreements among beneficiaries and challenges to accounting practices are common administrative issues our estate administration litigation attorneys handle for our clients. No matter the exact issue, we provide the representation needed for prompt and effective resolution.

And More

Next Steps

Upon comprehensively reviewing your case, we assess the validity of the claims made by the relevant party. From there, we develop the strategy tailored especially for your case we alluded to earlier. Our dedication is to achieving the best possible outcome for your case as your partner throughout the trust litigation process.

Take That Step Now

Schedule a consultation with one of our trust litigation attorneys today. Don’t let your trust issue linger. Doing so can cause more problems and costs to arise. Call us at (831) 480-6608 or email us to address your issue before it grows and becomes far more difficult to manage. We are ready to bring you the results you are entitled to by law. Resolution is just an email or phone call away.

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