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Client Testimonials

"These guys rock. The Hudson Martin team is a good return on your legal investment. The Firm has been a valuable source for strategic legal advice for both me and my business. I feel confident and assured that the Hudson Martin team is on my side. Jeannette is an entrepreneur, amazing attorney, and savvy as well as strategic risk-taker. When I have a question, Hudson Martin takes the time to explain the delicate web of complex laws to me in plain English. Jeannette helps guide me to make the best business decisions by factoring in not only the law but the political and industry landscape. The firm zealously represents me in all areas of business, estate planning and legal strategy . Every person should have a secret element to help them be successful, Hudson Martin Law Firm is mine."

- Marci Bracco Cain

"Jeannette has been my attorney for many years and she continues to impress me with how professional, knowledgeable, respectful, thorough, and timely she is. She and her entire staff go over and above and I ALWAYS leave her office feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She is the very best!"

- Kim A.

"Jeannette and Brooke, Thanks for updating the trust and your patience... Also thank you for the...judicious billing, which made the process very affordable for us."

- S.S.

"I contacted Ms. Witten after notification I was being sued over a business breach of contract claim. She began laying out a plan defending me from what she saw as an exploitative power grab, in the end saving me perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars against a baseless suit. I cannot say enough regarding my appreciation for Jeannette and her professional performance."

- Jeremy
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