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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate LitigationFacing A Complicated Real Estate Dispute In California And Unsure Of Your Rights And Recourse?

Hudson Martin PC is the oldest law firm on the Central Coast, providing real estate litigation services to clients just like you for decades. Our experienced attorneys have a successful track record across various types of litigation, including property, landlord-tenant, and boundary disputes. Based in Carmel, CA, we draw on our rich experience and knowledge of the law to deliver results for your specific case, regardless of where it may fall within the scope of real estate litigation.

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In our century-plus tenure, we have gained incomparable experience. With it, we have a depth of knowledge not only of the law but also of how the legal system operates. Our real estate litigation attorneys bring all of this in one package to your case, ensuring you have the highest probability of success in your case.

We Put Your First

We go the second mile to truly understand your circumstances and needs. From there, we tailor our approach specifically to you to provide you with the best experience possible.


Having played a big part in Monterey County’s rich history, representing many of the area’s most notable figures, including John Steinbeck and Henry Miller, has given us a unique ability to think strategically across a wide range of legal issues. We strive to bring the most efficient and effective legal strategies and solutions you can come across to make your case airtight and ensure you receive the optimal outcome.

Serving You In

Residential And Commercial Disputes

Whether you are a tenant of a residential property and need a landlord-tenant dispute lawyer or a business in need of a commercial real estate litigation lawyer, Hudson Martin PC is here to resolve your dispute. We can assist you in easements, general disputes, agreements, and more.


Our real estate contract dispute lawyers never cease protecting your best interests in your case. We draft contracts that cover all areas that may prove unclear in the future, provide a rationale that bolsters your interpretation of a contract when called into question, and steer you through breaches of contracts such that you reduce losses and save time.


Handling all of the things related to a title is time-consuming. We take care of it all for you, ensuring you have the best chance of having a clear and marketable title. This steers you clear of spending countless hours solving issues that could have been avoided, to begin with.

And More

Next Steps

Our team will assess your case in detail, provide the consultation you need, and even represent you if necessary. Before we get there, we will discuss the plan we develop for your case to ensure we are all on the same page and you feel comfortable with the direction we take things.

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Don’t let a real estate issue put your investment, living situation, or business at risk. Call us at (831) 480-6608 or email us to explore your rights and options for legal recourse today. We are ready to guide you and your case through California real estate law and litigation to bring you the results you are entitled to by law. Your peace of mind starts now.

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