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Are you thinking about the next phase of your life? You may have plans that involve big goals. In addition to seeking tax help, you may wonder if you should seek legal advice. If you are looking for estate planning assistance, you should seek the counsel of an experienced estate planning law firm.

You may be retired or in the process of retiring and need assistance reviewing your estate. Or maybe you have several questions about estate planning and would like to know your options. Whatever the case, you’ll want to properly vet the firm you choose to help you.

Hudson Martin, PC is an established estate planning firm serving the Central Coast. Conveniently located in Palm Desert, CA, our firm has stood the test of time to become the oldest law firm on the Central Coast proudly. Through transparency and integrity, we have guided our clients in their journeys to create the estate plan that benefits them the most.

Estate Planning 101

Estate planning has gotten a bad reputation over the years. Although many people take advantage of the benefits that it yields, estate planning is still often seen as something only “rich” people do.

As times change and attitudes shift, more people find that estate planning is a valuable and easily accessible way of protecting their families and securing their futures.

Estate planning involves more than just counting how much money someone has. Assets certainly play a significant role and require ample time to assess, but many individuals ignore the planning part of estate planning.

It is typical for many people to hear the term “estate” and completely check out. However, that is only a piece of the puzzle. Estate planning encompasses the strategy you and your estate planning lawyer develop for your assets and liabilities. This plan is a reference point for business succession, family assets, wills, trusts, and other details.

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Do I Have To Work Solely With Estate Planning Lawyers Near Me?

Estate Planning Lawyer, Palm Desert, CA

When seeking any kind of legal advice and assistance, it is always best to consult the professionals around you. Palm Desert, CA residents would greatly benefit from guidance from Hudson Martin, PC, if the estate plan they are currently living in this area.

With the advent of the digital era, where your estate planning lawyer is located isn’t as important as their experience. Choosing an estate planning lawyer depends on which firm can best serve you and your needs.

How Will An Estate Planning Lawyer Help Me?

An established estate planning firm will guide you through the process of creating your estate plan. Hudson Martin, PC heavily considers where you are now and where you want to be. We offer a deep analysis and careful assessment of what you would like your estate to accomplish.

Often it can be difficult to see your estate plan from a rational, objective perspective. Hudson Martin, PC offers a comprehensive and transparent approach to  finding solutions that suit your needs.

There can be a lot to consider when creating an estate plan. Trying to keep track of every small detail as an individual is impossible. Having a trusted firm like Hudson Martin, PC will give you the space you need to get the answers you’re looking for.

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Can I Create My Own Estate Planning Documents?

Estate Planning Lawyer, Palm Desert, CA

While there are self-help resources available, to have the plan that will benefit you most, you should seek legal counsel from an established estate planning law firm. Any resources that you collect online or during your initial research into estate planning can serve as a good starting point.

You’ll want to discuss the information you’ve gathered with a lawyer for preparing estate planning documents. This allows your estate planning lawyer to fill in the gaps of information you may be missing and how it correlates to your end goals.

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