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Employment Law Attorney Palm Desert California

Do you need to redefine employee terms? Call Hudson Martin, PC, today!

Whether you have one employee or 100, having a proper understanding of employment benefits every business owner. While we would like to assume that everyone who applies for a specific position does so because they believe they are the perfect fit, reality has taught us that just isn’t true. Despite someone’s motivation for applying, you, as the business owner, are responsible for them as your employee.

As the premier employment law firm serving Palm Desert, CA, on the Central Coast, Hudson Martin, PC can help you with your most pertinent employment law needs. Our team is as diverse as the host of services we offer our business owners. Clarity on employment law as it relates to your specific business is crucial in operating a successful company.

Hudson Martin, PC, started in 1908 as a small law firm serving a much smaller community. As our towns and cities grew, so did we. We have a unique understanding of the business needs and employment law issues our clients face. Being able to communicate clear solutions to these problems is what has set us apart from other law firms. It is the reason we have won Best Attorney in Monterey County for the last 12+ years.

Our experience with our community is second to none. We pride ourselves on knowing and applying the law truthfully and diligently to your business. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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Employment Law

Employment Law Attorney Palm Desert California

There are so many different facets to employment law. Many business owners don’t consider the risks associated with employing others. While building a team can be very rewarding, an emphasis on responsibility is crucial. Now more than ever, small business owners must understand the intricacies of the liability associated with expanding their team.

Many businesses operate like families. They create a wonderful environment in which many employees thrive and exceed even their own expectations. However, good business practice also means setting boundaries. These boundaries protect you, the business owner, and your team of employees.

While it can feel like a very cut-and-dry approach, it isn’t. Different factors affect your employment strategies. These plans fall under the large umbrella of employment law, a category within business law.

Understanding how all of these branches work together to protect you, your business, and your employees is essential. Hudson Martin, PC, will assist you in understanding and applying strong employment strategies.

As A Business Owner, Can I Fire Employees At Will?

First and foremost, you should speak with an employment law attorney. They can help you understand “at-will” employment under California law. Generally, “at-will” employment refers to either the employee or employer terminating employment at any time. This type of employment typically is not contractual in nature, so neither party needs to have a cause to terminate employment.

Not all employment is considered “at will.” Palm Desert, CA, is home to a variety of industries. The type of employment your business offers will depend on that industry.

The uptick of remote work has also led to a review of employment laws in California, with many businesses benefitting from some unique changes. From hiring ad-hoc employees, who typically fill unplanned business needs, to working with contractors in a gig economy, seeking counsel from an experienced employment law attorney will benefit your business and employees.

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Hudson Martin, PC: Specialists In Palm Desert, CA Employment Law!

Employment Law Attorney Palm Desert California

Do you need specific advice on employment law matters for your business? Call Hudson Martin, PC, today!

Are you seeking an experienced employment law attorney in Palm Desert, CA, who can help you navigate better employment terms? Hudson Martin, PC, has served and grown with our communities for 125 years. As a staple in the community and the go-to legal resource for employment law amongst small businesses, our firm works diligently to maintain our position.

This means serving our business owners with custom-tailored service. Hudson Martin, PC is happy to assist you in your employment law needs as you build a better business and team.

Get started on a unique strategy for you today by calling our firm at (831) 480-6608 to schedule an appointment. Let Hudson Martin, PC, help you take care of business.

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