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Hudson Martin Ferrante Street Witten & DeMaria PC has built the firm's reputation on the strong belief in the personal relationship between client and attorney and a desire to excel on behalf of every client.

Hudson Martin continually evolves to meet the changing legal needs of its clients and serves a diverse business and estate planning focused client base.

The firm offers a full range of services in business and commercial transactions, estate planning and estate administration, mergers and acquisitions, corporate/LLC formations and governance, ABC licensing, bulk sale escrows, mediation, intellectual property and more.


"I love my lawyer! I'm not very confrontational in general but believe it or not sometimes people just don't have your best interests in mind. Dan's fancy Mercedes' engine seized in September after hitting a pothole which pierced the engine sensor and oil pan so lost all the oil and melted without giving us any warning. As it was a new and fairly rare high performance car the price the replace the engine was astronomical. Our insurance company decided it would be fine to settle for an engine from a salvage yard thus voiding our warranty and seriously depleting the value of the car. In addition they claimed we were more than 50% at fault which would have raised our rates indefinitely. I called upon Jeannette Witten and her team who swiftly denied their settlement and demanded they do the right thing and either repair the car properly or total it and give us the true value. In addition we should not be at fault as it was an unavoidable pothole (road damage from the many fire trucks over summer). Clearly they realized they were not being fair because all was rectified in short order. The car was totaled, settled at current market value and we were no longer listed at fault. Lessons learned: READ your policies carefully, don't be afraid to question when something seems off and get an amazing legal team on your side when you need it. Thanks Hudson Martin Ferrante Street Witten & DeMaria! So glad to have you as our good neighbors!"  - Lauren K.

490 Calle Principal
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 375-3151

800 West 6th Street, Suite 1220
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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